Award for Excellence in Government Finance

The GFOA-WMA's annual Award for Excellence in Government Finance recognizes innovative programs- contributions to the practice of government finance that exemplify outstanding financial management.

The awards stress practical, documented work that offers leadership to the profession adn promotes improved public finance.

Entries may be submitted for consideration in any of the following categories:

  • Accounting, auditing and financial reporting
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Capital finance and debt administration
  • Economic development and capital planning
  • E-Government and technology
  • Management and service delivery
  • Pensions and benefits
  • Treasury and investment management

Eight criteria are examined when considering an application for the awards: local significance and value, technical significance, transferability, documentation, the cost/benefit analysis, efficiency, originality, and durability. A Member of GFOA-WMA must submit the nomination.

There will be two (2) awards in this category. The first award will be an individual and the second award shall be a group award. The nominees do not have to be GFOA-WMA Members.

Click HERE to access the FY2017 Awards Program Submission Form

2015 Group Winner

This year’s Award for Excellence in Government Finance group award winner is the Prince George’s County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE).  Accepting the award on behalf of the DPIE organization is Daniel Dornan, Special Assistant to the Director of DPIE and Haitham Hijazi, Director, Dept. of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement.   Since its establishment in July 2013, DPIE has made tremendous strides in delivering efficient and effective permitting, inspection and enforcement services for its customers and the citizens of Prince George’s County. The process improvement initiatives that DPIE has implemented during the past two years have led to significant reductions in permitting and licensing activity processing times ranging from 63% to 95%.

2014 Individual Winner

Mark Kim, Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) for his innovation and leadership in capital finance and debt administration which resulted in DC Water making history by pricing the first century bond issued by a municipal water and sewer utility, the first certified green bond in the United States, and the first 100-year green bond globally.

2014 Group Winner

Marc Aronin and the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Office of Finance and Treasury (OFT), for their work establishing and managing OFT’s Central Collections Unit.

2013 Individual Winner

Valerie Brown, Controller for the District of Columbia Government Operations Cluster

Valerie coordinated with the Office of Financial Operations and Systems, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, and all of the respective agency staff both program and finance to develop the plan, from testing to implementation to ensure that the City's obligations, invoices, and DGS employees were paid on time and internal deadlines were met...without a glitch. There were many technical details and few things didn't go according to plan but she had back-up plans and continued to communicate to all of the stakeholders throughout the process.

2013 Group Winner(s)

Wanda Brown, OPRS Pension Project Lead, Janine Edwards, OPRS Pension Benefits Officer, and Joe Zertuche, Technical Project Lead from the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer, for the “Federal Police Pension Modernization Project”

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